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SDCC News Round Up

All You Need to Know From San Diego Comic Con 2017

Our Top Superhero Gifs

Our Top Superhero Gif's Collected Here for Your Convenience and Pleasure.

News Roundup - July 9

We Pull the Biggest Stories in Geekdom and Pop Culture That You Need to Know

The Mega Spider-Man Homecoming Review - Issue #19

Iron-Spider or Spider-Man? Join us as we review Spider-Man Homecoming and find where Spider-Man sequels could go next!

Waiting for Spider-Man - Issue #18

Chuck and Jonathan explore Spider-Man's past and future as we await the arrival of Spider-Man Homecoming from Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures.

News Roundup - June 28

We Pull the Biggest Stories in Geekdom and Pop Culture That You Need to Know

Transformers: The Last Night Review - Gobots Anyone? - Issue #17

It's the podcast that's bigger than anything Michael Bay has put up on film. It's the Geek Pull official Transformers: The Last Night review. You may just want to go out and see it afterwards!

News Roundup - June 23rd

We Pull the Biggest Stories in Geekdom and Pop Culture That You Need to Know

Funko, X-Men and the latest Comic Book News - Issue #16

Talking the latest news from the past week including what's new in comic books, Funko exclusives, and the X-Men film universe.

Best and Worst On Screen Portrayals of Comic Book Heroes - Issue #15

In our tribute to the late Adam West, we take a look at the actors who have played the best and worst on screen versions of our greatest heroes.

Weekend Round Up - Sunday June 18th

Recapping the Biggest Stories in Geekdom and Pop Culture This Weekend

Best and Worst Comic Book Movie Sequels - Issue #14

If Batman and Iron Man had a fight, who would win? Depends on which movie we're talking about. Join us as we discuss the best and worst comic book movie sequels ever made.

Wonder Woman Movie Review - Special Issue #13

Chuck and Jonathan give their review of the Wonder Woman film. Is it the best comic book movie ever? Find out in this wonderful episode of the Geek Pull Podcast.

The Button: DC Universe and Watchmen Mashup - Issue #12

We're talking about the DC Batman and Flash crossover event, The Button, this week on the Geek Pull Podcast. Plus other movie and comic book news.

The Anticipation of Wonder Woman the Movie - Issue #11

Join us as we talk about the upcoming Wonder Woman film and the latest comic book news in this week's episode of the Geek Pull Podcast.

Top 10 Superhero Musical Themes - Issue #10

What is the best superhero theme from the movies or television? Find out if your picks match our in this week's episode of the Geek Pull Podcast.

Mera, a New Mystery Mini, Scooby Doo, and Rogue One Trailer - Issue #9

This week we're talking about Mera on film, Wonder Woman's sexuality, Scooby Doo Apocalypse and cool new and old toys picked up this past week. We also share our thoughts on the last Rogue One trailer and the Suicide Squad Extended Cut.

Rebirth: The First 4 Months - Issue #8

Coming back from our summer hiatus, we're reviewing the first 4 months of DC Comics new Rebirth titles along with a quick review of the animated film The Killing Joke.

Review: X-Men Apocalypse and DC Universe Rebirth - Issue #7

Hear out review on X-Men Apocalypse and the new DC Universe Rebirth issue from Geoff John on this week's episode of the Geek Pull podcast.


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