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Who doesn't love a good gif? We sure do. And with a near countless number of films, tv shows, cartoons and...let’s be honest the sheer power of fandom with a steady internet connection, there are plenty of gif ready moments worth noting. Let’s look at just a few.



Super Joke


When you’ve been around as long as Superman, it’s hard not to have plenty of gif ready moments. And as much as we love it when the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight troll each other (see here, here, and here) the idea of Christopher Reeves Superman searching and searching for that elusive sense of humor makes us chuckle the most.

Hulk Punches Thor


Who didn't love this scene in the Avengers? The rivalry setup up earlier in the film, pays off when the HULK reminds everyone, that even though they may still be on the same team it doesn't mean that these two powerhouses aren’t above bickering like siblings.



If you haven’t seen either the Lego movie or Lego Batman, what are you doing looking for superhero gifs on the internet? Seriously, go do something with your life and realize Lego Batman is one of the greatest iterations of Batman of all time. He helped us realize that it is okay to occasionally use grey lego’s and if relationships were going to work, it was okay to go hang out on the Millennium Falcon and shot us straight about life (see the gif above). Few heroes have ever had both a successful beat boxing and crime fighting career. Lego Batman is one of them.



I mean really? You thought we’d make a list of gifs and not mention deadpool? Come on. But how to narrow it down? Well we aren’t going to try, but we are gonna tell you there are so many great ones. See for yourself.



We don’t have to tell you that Loki (or, more honestly, Tom Huddleston) stole show in the Avengers. So why wouldn’t Loki do the same when a group of children on bean bags answer the question of who’s the better hero, Thor or Loki? You can see the whole commercial here and the related one’s here.

Bat Dance


This one made the list because...you know...sometimes the best way to express your self is to Dance like the latte Adam West dressed as the Cape-Crusader. And with moves like this, who could blame you?

Wonder Whirl


Can we all agree that Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman is awesome? Agreed? Agreed. And as much as we love Gal Gadot and one of the best super-hero movies of 2017, we also love the idea of Lynda spinning until the dizziness takes control.



The internet has shown us with great gif’s, come great spider-meme’s. While Spider-man 3 was cringe worthy in theaters, it’s taken on a new life with popularity of the gif. But nothing gives you a punch to the gut (and breaks our heart’s) like imagining the wall crawler shopping for groceries and finding an unfortunately named box of rice.

Wolverine Carves The Turkey


Long before Hugh Jackman slicing and dicing his way to an R-rated western motifed Wolverine film, the X-Men cartoon on Fox Kids in the 90’s was providing a ton of meme ready moments of relatable of experiences with everyone's favorite canadian superhero. And why wouldn’t you have the man with built in claws serve the turkey on thanksgiving day?

Bat & Robin






The Dynamic Duo has had some great gifs and meme’s over the years. So much so that we couldn’t settle on a single favorite, and instead we are just going to drop a few of our favorites here and hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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Posted on July 18, 2017
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